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Multiple Trips within a Year


NEW travel credits for our most frequent travelers

Many O.A.T. travelers don’t stop at one annual adventure. For those who reserve two or more trips within one calendar year—either with O.A.T., Grand Circle Cruise Line, Grand Circle Travel, or a combination of the three—we’ve introduced a new Sir Edmund Hillary Club benefit to reward your exceptional passion for discovery.

Earn travel credits toward your second trip—and every subsequent trip you reserve within a year

Once you’ve reserved your third trip with us, you become a Sir Edmund Hillary Club member and can take advantage of our benefit for traveling on multiple trips in a calendar year. After completing your third trip, we’ll give you a $250 per person travel credit toward the next trip you take within a calendar year—and each additional trip you take within that calendar year. After you’ve completed your tenth trip, we’ll increase this credit to $350 towards your next trip and each additional trip within the calendar year. Remember, your multiple trips don’t have to be taken “back-to-back!”

Apply your Frequent Traveler Credits to save even more

You can immediately apply the Frequent Traveler Credit you’ve earned on your first trip toward the cost of your second trip—even before you depart. That’s a maximum value of 5% of the cost of your adventure—and 6% for Sir Edmund Hillary Club members who have joined us 5 times or more.

The calendar’s your only limit

As long as your trips depart between January 1 and December 31 of the same calendar year, you can take advantage of these savings as many times as you’d like.

Reserve two trips “back to back”

When you reserve a second trip immediately after your first one ends, you’ll receive a credit for $250 per person—and savings are available to all our travelers, not just our Sir Edmund Hillary Club members. Many travelers choose to combine trips within the same region—like Heart of India and Nepal & the Mystical Himalayas. You can take any two trips back to back—in addition to your $250 per-person credit, you’ll save on not having to purchase multiple roundtrip international flights. Please note: Credit for “back-to-back” trips cannot be combined with multiple trips credit.

Please note: Credits for multiple trips within a calendar year cannot be combined with our Group Leader compensation program.

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