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Solo Friendly Travel

One of the best parts of traveling solo is having the freedom to choose your own adventure. Will you wake up early to catch the sunrise over the Serengeti? Will you taste durian or dragon fruit in Thailand? Will you try your hand at Spanish while interacting with a local shaman in Peru? It’s entirely up to you to explore how and where you want to—and with OAT, you’ll have a guide by your side, in the company of friends you didn’t know you had.

Why travel solo with OAT?

You’ll never pay more

You have a desire to explore the world—and to help you do just that, we eliminated all extra costs, and offer the same benefits and unbeatable value to all our travelers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with someone, you’ll never pay more for your own room or cabin.

Travel with confidence

Every step of the way, you’ll be taken care of by our expert, English-speaking Trip Leaders. You may be off the beaten path—but you’re never disconnected. We also have 36 regional offices around the world to ensure an OAT representative will always be close by.

Travel amongst friends

Bond over your love of adventure and discover new cultures with our small groups of like-minded Americans. And since 40% of our travelers go solo, your Trip Leader is seasoned at fostering great camaraderie, providing everyone with equal personal attention.

More adventure, less hassle

Whether you’re exploring Botswana’s Okavango Delta or the wilds of Patagonia, OAT provides a unique experience to exotic destinations across the globe. While we’re taking care of things behind the scenes, you can spend your time soaking in your surroundings and meeting locals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay more for my
own room or cabin?

No, you’ll never pay a Single Supplement—a value of up to $3795 versus the competition.

How many OAT travelers go solo?

40%—more than one in three travelers.

What if I want help finding a roommate?

OAT offers a free Roommate Matching Service where you can search for Travel Companions. And, if we’re unable to find you a match, you’ll have your own room or cabin.

Can I connect with travelers
before my trip?

Yes. Please visit our active online “Community” section of our website to correspond with other travelers within our Travel Forum, and join us on Facebook.

What kind of support will I receive when I’m on my trip?

You’ll be in the hands of our expert, resident Trip Leaders who will help you with everything from ordering a meal at a local restaurant and visiting an ATM to helping you pursue special interests.

What are some of your most
popular trips for solo travelers?

All of our adventures are solo friendly—however India, Morocco, and Japan are our three top destinations amongst our solo travelers.

Solo traveler stories

Poetic Beauty at Machu Picchu

By Marie Guzman, 6-time traveler, Greendale, WI

Pura Vida: Two Minnesota Gals Step Out of Their Comfort Zones

By Lisa McKinley, 2-time traveler, Minneapolis, MN

Be inspired by a few of our solo travelers' favorite locations.


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