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Marie and Nancy's Uzbekistan Trip Experience

Join this mother-daughter duo on their journey along the Silk Road as they witness the iconic sites of the Stans, interact with local people on the streets, and enjoy a Home-Hosted meal with an Uzbek family.

07:51 1015 views
Local Perspective

Get a taste for what awaits you along the Silk Road by meeting a few people who call Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan home.

08:58 4198 views
Central Asia Submitted by William C. Thornton, 10-time traveler from Georgetown, Texas

Adventurous traveler William T. from Georgetown, Texas took the “silk” road less traveled and captured some truly remarkable faces, places, and cultural facets of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and three more Central Asia countries.

19:38 1932 views
Khujand Bazaar, Tashkent Metro and Bukhara Show Submitted by Gregory Zaret, 10-time traveler from Mission Viejo, California

Explore the colorful Khujand Bazaar and witness a puppet show in Bukhara with traveler Gregory Z. from Mission Viejo, California.

04:49 80 views
Larry in the Stans Submitted by Lawrence Aubert, 10-time traveler from Maineville, Ohio

Join O.A.T. traveler Lawrence A. from Maineville, Ohio as he explores the Stans, from discovering the iconic mausoleums and palaces of Khiva to meeting a local golden eagle trainer in Kyrgyzstan.

05:40 391 views

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