Day by Day Itinerary

Travel to Indonesia’s tropical islands, where sacred ruins rise out of jungles, monkeys frolic in temples, and artists are still revered. Although Java and Bali are neighbors in the archipelago nation of Indonesia, they each have their own religions, histories, and traditions. Java is the country’s political and cultural heart, with a devout Muslim society and lingering reminders of the Buddhist kings and Dutch colonists who shaped its history. Bali is its artistic soul, with a spiritual Hindu population and landscapes that have inspired painters and performers for centuries.

Join OAT on these isles to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdoms at ornately carved ruins. Experience the serenity of holy water temples. Meet villagers in their homes and farms to learn about their daily lives. And surround yourself with the natural beauty of terraced hills, blossoming orchids, and pristine coastlines.

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    Due to different air carriers and varied flight schedules, some flights depart very early in the morning. Travelers departing very early are advised to arrive at gateway cities the night before their flight.

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    Arrive in Jakarta on the island of Java, Indonesia. Your OAT Trip Leader will greet you at the airport and escort you on the hour-long drive to your hotel. Here, you'll be joined by travelers who took the pre-trip extension to Northern Vietnam: Hanoi & Halong Bay. This evening is yours to rest or venture out into the city.

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    After breakfast, we enjoy a tour of Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Originally a trading port of the Kingdom of Sunda in the fourth century, Jakarta caught the attention of the Dutch and became their colonial capital, known as Batavia, during the 17th and 18th centuries. When Indonesia declared its independence in 1945, Jakarta re-emerged as the symbol of both the nation's freedom and its diverse cultural heritage.

    We begin our explorations in a morning market, where locals come to buy and sell vegetables and fruit. As we wander amid the bustling stalls, you'll get to see a slice of everyday life in Jakarta. From here, we'll visit a mosque. Indonesia is home to the world's largest population of Muslims, and during our visit we'll meet with an imam (Muslim scholar). We'll also talk with local men and women in a nearby community.

    We'll then travel by bajai (three-wheeled scooters) to Fatahillah Square. Once the former administrative and commercial heart of Dutch colonial Indonesia, the cobblestone square still retains vestiges of its past grandeur. We'll pause for lunch at the beautiful Café Batavia, set a in a 200-year old building with colonial-era décor. After lunch, we’ll take a walking tour of Fatahillah Square and drive through the modern city center.

    Back at the hotel, enjoy some free time. This evening, we’ll gather for cocktails in the hotel lounge before heading to our Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant.

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    We depart this morning for our flight to Yogyakarta (pronounced “Jokjakarta” and nicknamed Yogya or “Jogja”).

    Located in the valley below Mount Merapi, Yogya is the epicenter of Javanese arts, where wooden and silver handcrafts and dance and music performances all abound. It also displays some classic examples of the island’s architecture and design, defined by low-rise buildings with tall, pyramid-shaped roofs.

    When we arrive, we’ll have lunch at a local restaurant before setting out for Kasongan Village. We'll switch to cyclo-rickshaws for a short ride into the village, and continue with a walking tour. During our time here, we'll get a glimpse of everyday Javanese life and see how locals earn a living making crafts like pottery.

    We’ll depart Kasongan and make our way to our hotel. After checking in, we’ll get our first glimpse of the city on a brief orientation walk. Next, we enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.

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    After breakfast, we visit Sambisari, a Hindu temple constructed in the 9th century. Until its accidental discovery in 1966, Sambisari remained hidden under layers of rock and sand from Mount Merapi's 1906 volcanic eruption.

    From here, we head to the nearby plains to witness the ninth-century Prambanan Temple complex. Built by the Sanjaya Dynasty, a Hindu group thought to be political rivals to the Buddhist Sailendra rulers in the area, Prambanan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. Many of its 240 structures collapsed during a major earthquake in the 16th century, and they were largely forgotten by the outside world until British statesman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles stumbled upon the site in 1811. Still in various states of repair, they retain an aura of being lost in time, awaiting discovery.

    We enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before returning to our hotel for some free time.

    This evening we'll get to experience everyday life as we join a Javanese family for dinner in their home.

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    After breakfast, we set out for a hike around Kaliadem, located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Our trek will lead us through lush vegetation that has regrown in the wake of Mount Merapi’s devastating eruption in 2010. About 360,000 people were forced to evacuate Merapi during the volcanic eruption.

    From here, we refuel with lunch at a local restaurant. Next, we meet with local veterans, who served their country to gain independence from the Dutch after World War II.

    We’ll return to the hotel for some free time, and dinner will be on your own. Tonight, we gather to see a special performance at the Ramayana ballet, a grand and graceful spectacle that tells the iconic story of a Prince Rama and his wife Sita. Professional dancers and gamelan musicians perform this legendary tale of good versus evil. This entertaining evening offers a glimpse into Javanese culture at its best.

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    This morning we set out early for the colossal Borobudur Temple, which UNESCO calls “one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world.”

    Borobudur is the Saliendra's masterpiece, a massive pyramid that rises up from the green plains like the neighboring volcanoes. From its 150,000-square-foot base, we have a chance to climb up the six tiers to the top. Moving from bottom to top, note how the volcanic-rock carvings progress from depictions of the world of desire, to the world of forms, and reaching the pinnacle in the world of formlessness—the realm of nirvana in Buddhist ideology. The top level is dotted with 72 small, latticework stupas, each with a statue of Buddha inside, which we can see through the grates.

    We leave Boroburdur and travel by horse-drawn carriage to a rural village, where we'll take a walking tour to explore the community.

    We'll enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading back to our hotel. Enjoy free time this afternoon and dinner on your own tonight.

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    We say farewell to Java this morning and fly to the tropical paradise of Bali. A Hindu enclave that stands alone in the middle of the rest of the largely Muslim Indonesia, Bali has fostered a deeply spiritual culture with arts, customs, and social rules unlike any place on Earth. In fact, Balinese Hinduism is a unique mélange of different cultural influences, including traditional Hinduism, brought to the island by a Javanese princess and priests in the 16th century; Buddhism, the island's state religion in the seventh century; and indigenous animist and ancestor-deifying religions. Throughout our time here, we'll see how spirituality factors into nearly every aspect of Balinese life.

    Upon arrival in Denpasar, we begin our transfer to Ubud, Bali's artistic heart. We'll have lunch at a local restaurant, and then set out for the nearby village of Blahbatuh to visit the Sudi Dancing School. Here, we'll meet students who will teach us some of the moves of traditional Legong dancing. Note the precise footwork and finger movements and the ornate costumes of the dancers Afterward, we'll be treated to a special performance accompanied by a live band.

    We depart for our hotel, check in, and enjoy some free time. This evening we take an orientation walk and have dinner together at a restaurant in Ubud.

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    Following breakfast, we set out for the Kintamani Volcano area to visit the village of Trunyan, crossing Lake Batur by motorboat to get there. Trunyan is home to the Bali Aga ethnic group, known for their ancestral rituals. Contrary to Balinese tradition, the people of Trunyan do not practice cremation, but display their dead in open graves, concealed by bamboo lattices and remarkably preserved by the roots of the fragrant taru menyan tree.

    We take a walking tour around the village and its environs before making our return trip across the lake. After pausing for lunch nearby, we visit a coffee plantation to learn about the cultivation process of kopi luwak, or civet coffee. Here, we'll enjoy a tasting of this unique brew that is often called the world's most expensive coffee.

    Later this afternoon, we’ll take a light hike up Tjampuhan Hill—a favorite spot among locals—taking in the fresh air and surrounding tropical vegetation.

    Enjoy dinner tonight on your own.

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    Enjoy a morning at leisure and lunch on your own. Perhaps you’ll spend your free time exploring Ubud’s vibrant art scene. In the 1920s, Ubud grew from a sleepy but charming village into a nucleus for the arts. The scenic rice fields, hills, and streams surrounding the town enticed European painters like Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet to settle there. They brought with them an influx of arts funding—which in turn, drew local painters, carvers, woodworkers, and performers.

    This afternoon, we'll explore the sacred Monkey Forest of Ubud, a sanctuary where hundreds of Balinese monkeys gather in giant nutmeg trees and at a small temple.

    Tonight, we'll travel by motorcoach to the workshop of a puppet master, who will treat us to a short Balinese puppet show performance. Tonight, we'll dine at Café Wayan, the noted bakery and restaurant featured in Elizabeth Gilbert's popular memoir Eat, Pray, Love.

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    This morning we depart Ubud and head north to Ulun Danu Bratan.

    Balinese Hinduism is sometimes known as the “religion of the holy water” for the important role that water plays in rituals and livelihoods. Keep this in mind as we approach Ulun Danu Bratan, which appears to float over the placid waters of Lake Bratan. Dedicated to the goddess of the lake, Dewi Danu, its 17th-century pagodas actually rest on small islands.

    After a peaceful morning, we eat lunch at a local restaurant and continue on to Gitgit Waterfall, following a trail of paved steps through the forest to get there. This waterfall is about 35 meters and surrounded by lush tropical trees.

    We then transfer to our hotel in Lovina, a laid-back coastal town on Bali's northern shore. Lined with black, volcanic sand beaches and fishing villages, northern Bali maintains a quieter pace than its neighbors to the south. You'll have some free time before we gather again for a brief ride to the main road for an orientation walk. Dinner will follow at a Lovina restaurant.

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    Today we have a rare opportunity to experience A Day in the Life of the rural hills outside of Lovina, heading first to a local market in the bustling morning hours. While the southern half of the island specializes in rice production, citrus fruit orchards and cocoa and sugar plantations thrive here in the north, and we're likely to find their produce on display in the simple stands here.

    From the market, we travel by minivan to the farming community of Tiga Wasa to visit the Tiga Wasa Village School (when school is in session), where we meet students and their teacher and perhaps witness a typical lesson.

    Next, we see another side of everyday life when we visit with a local family of bamboo weavers, witnessing their craft in action. we'll also spend time with a family that makes palm sugar. Following that, we'll join the village chief and the villagers for a community lunch; we'll dine on a traditional Balinese meal, seasoned with regional herbs and spices, and we can ask questions about their cultural practices, livelihoods, and any other points of curiosity.

    In the late afternoon, we return to the hotel for leisure time to wander through Lovina or unwind with a drink and views of the Java Sea. Dinner is on your own.

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    After breakfast, we depart for Jimbaran. Bali's volcanic soil and tropical climate bless the islanders with year-round crops, and we have a chance to learn about one of them this morning when we visit beautiful rice terraces during our transfer to Jimbaran. Alternately brilliant green and flooded with reflective waters, these rows of paddies have become a symbol of rural Bali—and for good reason. The irrigation system used to feed them, known as subak, is woven into the landscape, as well as the culture of the island, feeding into many religious practices. The entire subak landscape is protected by UNESCO World Heritage.

    From here, we stop for lunch and then continue our drive to Jimbaran, a coastal town overlooking the Indian Ocean. Upon arrival late this afternoon, we'll settle into our hotel. This evening, we'll take an orientation walk along the beach before dispersing for dinner on our own. Perhaps you'll choose to taste the local seafood specialties in one of the village restaurants we pass on our walk.

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    This morning we set out for Pura Goa Lawah (Bat Cave Temple), a cliffside cave inhabited by hundreds of bats and considered sacred by Hindu Balinese. According to legend, the bats serve as sustenance for the deity Naga Basuki, a giant snake that is believed to live in the shadows of the cave.

    After exploring the temple, we depart for Kertha Gosa, the royal courthouse of the Klungkung kingdom, built during the early 18th century. Disputes that could not be settled in the surrounding villages were brought here before the king and his ministries. As we explore the open-sided pavilion, notice the ceiling, elaborately painted in Klungkung style.

    Following lunch at a local restaurant, we continue our discoveries at a nearby spiritual center, where we’ll tap into the deep-rooted spirituality that governs everyday life in Bali with a purification ceremony. We'll cleanse ourselves by dipping into a pool of water surrounded by fountains, each one promising good will. Later, we'll gather in a temple for a prayer session assisted by a priest.

    From here, we return to the hotel. Enjoy an evening at leisure and dinner on your own.

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    In the morning, we ride southwest to Pura Luhur Uluwatu, or Temple above the Headstone. With origins that date back to the tenth century, it's one of the most striking examples of a Balinese sea temple, perched on a cliff 330 feet above the water. Two types of creatures greet visitors here: statues of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha, and a resident colony of mischievous macaque monkeys. We have time to explore the ancient structure and take in the dramatic seascapes along its promenade before departing.

    We return to the hotel in the afternoon. Lunch is on your own, and the remainder of the day is yours to explore Jimbaran or enjoy the white-sand beach that fronts our hotel. Tonight, our small group comes together for a Farewell Dinner at a local restaurant.

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    After breakfast and some free time in the morning, we transfer to the airport for our flight to Los Angeles via Taipei. We’ll spend the night in Los Angeles and make our return flight home the following day. Lunch and dinner are on your own. Please note: Travelers who have purchased their own airfare and have made their own travel arrangements back to the U.S. will not stay overnight in Los Angeles.

    Travelers on the post-trip extension to Komodo Island & Beyond: Land of Dragons will fly to Labuan Bajo this morning.

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    • Meals included:

    Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before returning to the airport for your flight back to your home city. Please note: Today’s itinerary applies only to travelers who have purchased air with OAT.


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What to Expect


  • 6 locations in 15 days with one 1-night stay
  • International flights from Los Angeles to Taipei depart very early in the morning
  • Airport transfers in Jakarta and Taipei may take more than 1.5 hours

Physical requirements

  • Not appropriate for travelers using wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids
  • You must be able to walk 2-3 miles unassisted and participate in 4-6 hours of physical activities each day
  • Agility and balance are required for boarding cyclo-rickshaw


  • Daytime temperatures range from 75-90°F, often with high humidity


  • Travel over some rugged paths by bus and on foot


  • Travel by 21-passenger coach, cyclo-rickshaw, horse-drawn carriage, and motorboat
  • Two 90-minute internal flights and several day-long overland transfers

Accommodations & Facilities

  • All accommodations feature private baths and Western-style toilets

Travel Documents


Your passport should meet these requirements for this itinerary:

  • It should be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return to the U.S.
  • It should have the recommended number of blank pages (refer to the handbook for details).
  • The blank pages must be labeled “Visas” at the top. Pages labeled “Amendments and Endorsements” are not acceptable.


U.S. citizens will need a visa (or visas) for this trip. In addition, there may be other entry requirements that also need to be met. For your convenience, we’ve included a quick reference list, organized by country:

  • Indonesia (main trip and optional extension): Visa required. We recommend you obtain it in advance. Although this visa may be obtained upon your arrival, we recommend you obtain it in advance. Entry requirements can change at any time; obtaining your visas in advance decreases the likelihood that you will encounter problems at the border and may protect you if entry requirements subsequently change.
  • Vietnam (optional extension): Visa required. Can only be obtained in advance. You must obtain your visa for Vietnam before you leave home; it cannot be obtained on arrival.

Travelers who are booked on this adventure will be sent a complete Visa Packet— with instructions, applications, and a list of visa fees—approximately 100 days prior to their departure. (Because many countries limit the validity of their visa from the date it is issued, or have a specific time window for when you can apply, we do not recommend applying too early.)

If you are not a U.S. citizen, do not travel with a U.S. passport, or will be traveling independently before/after this trip, then your entry requirements may be different. Please check with the appropriate embassy or a visa servicing company. To contact our recommended visa servicing company, PVS International, call toll-free at 1-800-556-9990.

Vaccinations Information

For a detailed and up-to-date list of vaccinations that are recommended for this trip, please visit the CDC’s “Traveler’s Health” website. You can also refer to the handbook for details.

Before Your Trip

Before you leave on your adventure, there are at least four health-related things you should do. Please check the handbook for specifics, but for now, here’s the short list:

Step 1: Check with the CDC for their recommendations for the countries you’ll be visiting.
Step 2: Have a medical checkup with your doctor.
Step 3: Pick up any necessary medications, both prescription and over-the-counter.
Step 4: Have a dental and/or eye checkup. (Recommended, but less important than steps 1-3.)

What to Bring

In an effort to help you bring less, we have included checklists within the handbook, which have been compiled from suggestions by Trip Leaders and former travelers. The lists are only jumping-off points—they offer recommendations based on experience, but not requirements. You might also want to refer to the climate charts in the handbook or online weather forecasts before you pack. Refer to the handbook for details.

Insider Tips




  • Vietnamese junk

    In the privacy of our OAT small group, we cruise the island-studded waters of Halong Bay on a traditional wooden sailboat known as a junk. We'll appreciate its modern touches, including private baths with showers and air-conditioned cabins. Onboard, we can relax on the sun deck or enjoy a drink from the bar. 

Main Trip

  • Alila Jakarta Hotel

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Centrally located near Jakarta’s old quarter, Alila Jakarta Hotel overlooks the National Museum and is within walking distance of many historical landmarks. The hotel’s 246 rooms feature comfortable amenities and a modern, sleek design. Each includes Internet access, air conditioning, minibar, coffee- and tea-making facilities, and hair dryer. Guests may also take advantage of the onsite spa, Indonesian restaurant, fitness center, and outdoor swimming pool.

  • Santika Bandung Hotel

    Bandung, Java

    Just ten minutes from the train station—and across from a variety of restaurants and shopping—the Santika Bandung is a soothing oasis in one of Indonesia’s most exciting cities. Each of the 76 rooms features air-conditioning, cable TV, wi-fi, a safe deposit box, minibar, coffee- and tea-making facilities, and a hair dryer. While here, dine at the Pandan Wangi restaurant, work out at the fitness center, or go for a dip in the swimming pool.

  • Santika Hotel Jogyakarta

    Yogyakarta, Java

    The 148 air-conditioned rooms each include an en suite marble bathroom, a minibar, coffee- and tea-making facilities, flat-screen satellite TV, wireless Internet, and a hair dryer. The hotel is 20 minutes to the airport and train station, and only ten minutes from the popular Malioboro shopping district. It also offers a swimming pool, a fitness center, sauna, spa, and salon.

  • Plataran Ubud Hotel & Resort

    Ubud, Bali

    Surrounded by scenic rice paddies, this hotel is a restful retreat in the heart of Ubud, close to artists’ shops and a yoga studio. During your stay, enjoy access to amenities such as a swimming pool, pool bar, spa, and patio restaurant. Each of the air-conditioned rooms features a minibar, cable TV, coffee- and tea-making facilities, Internet access, and hair dryer.

  • The Lovina Bali Hotel

    Lovina, Bali

    Set on a beautiful black sand beach in a sleepy northern Bali town, this peaceful hotel features a beach bar, two swimming pools, spa, on-site restaurant, and views of the sea and nearby Bedugul Mountains. Each of the 66 spacious rooms have a private bath, Internet access, minibar, and hair dryer. In the mornings, keep an eye out for dolphins that swim right off the coast here.

  • Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa

    Jimbaran, Bali

    Set amid tropical gardens along the white sands of Jimbaran Bay, the Keraton Jimbaran is a 20-minute drive from the center of Kuta. Guests can enjoy two on-site restaurants, a pool, a spa, and the beach. The 102 air-conditioned guest rooms all feature a balcony or terrace, TV, hair dryer, refrigerator, and a kimono.

  • Hilton Los Angeles Airport

    Los Angeles, US

    On our return trip, we stay at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel. Conveniently located just a quarter of a mile away from the Los Angeles International Airport, the hotel features modern furnishings and amenities designed for your comfort. Each of the 1,234 air-conditioned guest rooms offer wireless Internet, TV, coffee- and tea-making facilities, and hair dryer. You may also take advantage of an on-site restaurant and bar or relax in one of the four outdoor garden areas.


  • May De Ville City Centre

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Conveniently located in central Hanoi—within walking distance to the Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake, and other local attractions—the May De Ville features a restaurant, salon, and sauna. The hotel’s 81 air-conditioned rooms are outfitted with satellite TV, coffee- and tea-making facilities, safe, Internet, and private bath with hair dryer.

  • Bintang Flores Hotel

    Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

    Located on a private beach just a very short drive from the harbor and the airport, the Bintang Flores’ 61 air-conditioned rooms each feature a safety deposit box, coffee- and tea-making facilities, mini-refrigerator, and satellite TV. Guests will enjoy the on-site dive shop, fitness center, pool, restaurant, and bar, as well as access to world-class diving sites and Komodo Island, natural home of the Komodo dragon.

  • Bintang Kuta Hotel

    Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

    Situated in Jalan Kartika Plaza, the Bintang Kuta Hotel offers easy access to Tuban Beach and the Discovery Centre shopping mall. Travelers can soak up the sunshine at the hotel’s swimming pool with a swim-up bar. The 158 air-conditioned rooms each have satellite TV, free wireless Internet, coffee- and tea-making facilities, refrigerator, hair dryer, and safe deposit boxes. Enjoy Indonesian and international cuisine in the hotel’s coffee shop.

  • Hilton Los Angeles Airport

    Los Angeles, US

    On our return trip, we stay at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel. Conveniently located just a quarter of a mile away from the Los Angeles International Airport, the hotel features modern furnishings and amenities designed for your comfort. Each of the 1,234 air-conditioned guest rooms offer wireless Internet, TV, coffee- and tea-making facilities, and hair dryer. You may also take advantage of an on-site restaurant and bar or relax in one of the four outdoor garden areas.

Flight Information

Flight Options to Personalize Your Trip

Whether you choose to take just a base trip or add an optional pre- and post-trip extension, you have many options when it comes to personalizing your air—and creating the OAT adventure that’s right for you:

Personalized Air Routing

  • Work with our expert Air Travel Consultants to select the airline and routing you prefer
  • Upgrade to business or premium economy class
  • Customize your trip by staying overnight in a connecting city, arriving at your destination a few days early, or spending additional time in a nearby city on your own
  • Combine your choice of OAT adventures to maximize your value

Your Own Air Routing

  • Make your own international flight arrangements directly with the airline
  • Purchase optional airport transfers to and from your hotel
  • Extend your Land Tour-only Travel Protection Plan coverage and protect the air arrangements you make on your own—including your frequent flyer miles

OR, leave your air routing up to us and your airfare (as well as airport transfers) will be included in your final trip cost.

Gateway Travel Time*
Los Angeles 22 hrs
Phoenix, San Francisco 27 hrs
Dallas 28 hrs
Chicago, Denver, Seattle 29 hrs
Atlanta, Minneapolis, Washington, DC (Dulles) 30 hrs
Boston, Detroit, Newark, New York (JFK) 31 hrs
Orlando 32 hrs
Orlando 33 hrs
Baltimore 34 hrs

*Estimated total time, including connection and layover. Actual travel time may vary.

The information above reflects approximate flight times from the gateway cities listed to Jakarta, Indonesia. Routing is based on availability and subject to change. You will receive your final air itinerary approximately 14 days prior to departure.

Private Departures—New for 2015

How do you arrange a Private Adventure?

It’s simple: You choose the people you travel with. You choose the departure date. You choose the size of your group. OAT does the rest.

Your lifelong memories are only a phone call away: Call us toll-free at

Group Size Additional Cost
4-6 $1500 per person
7-9 $700 per person

Now you can reserve an EXCLUSIVE departure of Java & Bali: Indonesia's Mystical Islands with just 8 travelers. Enjoy a truly special adventure—starting from only $700 per person more than our published trip price.

The benefits of your Private Adventure …

  • Travel in an exclusive group of friends or family members
  • Work with your Trip Leader to create unique experiences and special memories
  • Tailor the pacing of activities—spending more time doing what interests your group most at the speed that fits your comfort level
  • Enjoy the security of knowing we have regional offices nearby

This program is available on new reservations in 2015 only, and cannot be combined with any offer within 60 days to departure or with our Group Travel program. The additional cost of a Private Departure is per person, on top of the departure price and varies by trip. Private Departures do not include any changes or additions to our standard itineraries. Age restrictions may apply to some itineraries and must be at least 13 years old to travel with Overseas Adventure Travel. Ask your Group Sales Team for details. Additional taxes and fees will apply. Standard Terms & Conditions apply. Every effort has been made to present this information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors.

Enhanced Itinerary

Based on feedback from out travelers, we’ve made major changes to our Java & Bali: Indonesia’s Mystical Islands adventure to improve your travel experience. Beginning with 2015 departures, this enhanced itinerary features many additional cultural discoveries and a more relaxed traveling pace for your journey through two fascinating Indonesian islands.

More time to explore the highlights

We’ve replaced two nights in Bandung with an extra day in both Yogyakarta and Jimbaran—two highlights of Indonesia. You’ll now have more opportunities to delve deeper into the arts scene of Yogyakarta, Java’s cultural center, and explore the picturesque Hindu enclave of Jimbaran.

Less travel time

By removing our stay in Bandung, we’ve eliminated a taxing six-hour train ride. Now you’ll be well rested and ready to immerse yourself completely in Java and Bali’s diverse cultures and natural beauty.

More discoveries

We’ve added several more exciting features to our itinerary, including an additional trekking experience around Mount Merapi, a new visit to a rural village, and an authentic ballet performance in Yogyakarta. And on our extra day in Jimbaran, we’ll tap into the local culture during a spiritual purification ceremony at a local temple.