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Traveler-Generated Video Contest Winner - Winter 2019

This video was submitted by one of the contest winners, Audrey W. of Cumming, GA from our Japan’s Cultural Treasures adventure

Submit your travel photos & videos

Don’t you love capturing photos and videos while traveling abroad, and then coming home to share those memories with others? When you upload your photos, slideshows, and videos below, you’ll have the chance to be featured on our website. If your travel footage is selected, you’ll not only be sharing your travel experiences but also helping fellow travelers learn about what to expect on our trips from a real, unedited perspective.


For creative tips on filming and editing your video and/or slideshow, click here.

Video Editing Resources

  • Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software for Windows on your PC.
  • iMovie is a video editing software on macOS and IOS devices.
  • If you have specific questions on the software or editing techniques, a quick web search should render a tutorial video on YouTube.
  • Since iMovie is an Apple Product, Apple also has nice documentation on how to complete certain tasks on their support website. The same can be said for Microsoft and their documentation for Movie Maker.
  • For a more professional video editing software, Adobe has Adobe Premiere Pro which works with both macOS and Windows. For around $30 a month (annual membership), you can have access to professional editing software.
  • Adobe products are supported by a great user network who make at-home tutorials on YouTube, which you can find in a quick web search.
  • The Adobe website also has some beginners guides and tutorials: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/how-to/beginner-tips-premiere-pro.html
  • Creative Cow is a great resource for addressing technical issues that previous users had experienced, including suggestions on how to resolve them: https://library.creativecow.net/

Film & Video Tips

  • When capturing videos, always shoot with the screen at a horizontal orientation—and watch for unintended tilting.
  • Video file should be in MP4 or MPG format; MKV files are incompatible with our video uploader.
  • Hold the camera on the subject for at least ten seconds.
  • Do not walk or move while capturing video—this will make the video shaky. Try resting the camera on a steady object nearby, like a table, bench, or roof of a parked car.
  • Select the desired zoom level before shooting—do not adjust during your shot.
  • Do not pan or tilt the camera during your shot.
  • For objects in motion or people in profile, leave space in the frame in front of the motion or face.

Helpful Photo Tips

  • When shooting local people, the rule of thumb is to ask permission, as many societies have cultural or religious taboos about capturing someone’s image. Even if you don’t speak the language, try to make your subject comfortable.
  • Lighting is one of the most important compositional elements of photography and videography. The best time of day for photography and videography is in the early morning just after the sun rises, or in the evening just before it sets.
  • Images of smiling people posed stiffly in front of an iconic landmark are ubiquitous—so why not try to capture a moment that makes the viewer laugh? Photos or videos that have a sense of humor, such as a funny or unique expression, are more interesting for the viewer.
  • A simple change of perspective can make an otherwise typical photograph or video memorable, so try placing your camera at unusual angles and avoid the temptation to always center your subject in the frame.

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