Central America

From Guatemala’s ancient ruins to Costa Rica’s verdant rain forests, Central America is a destination that begs to be explored. Below, you can find some of our unique Central America adventures—as well as more information on what makes Central America such a fascinating destination.

Explore the endless wonders of Central America

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Costa Rica: Santa Ana, Sarapiquí, La Fortuna, Guanacaste, Pacific Coast

While it may look tiny on a map, Central America has no shortage of natural and cultural wonders. Many travelers journey here exclusively to spot some of its incredible wildlife, and as Central America boasts 7% of the world’s biodiversity, it’s easy to see why. Strolling through an untouched rain forest, it’s possible to glimpse playful monkeys, rare Resplendent Quetzals, sleepy sloths, and colorful tree frogs. However, as you are sure to discover, one of the most memorable aspects of Central America travel is experiencing the area’s rich culture—a colorful tapestry of European, African, and indigenous influences. On each of our three Central America adventures, you’ll become fully immersed in this vibrant culture as you visit a local school, sample regional cuisine, and participate in a variety of small-group activities that highlight the region’s modern and ancient gems. With your expert, resident Trip Leader by your side, you’ll witness the many colors of Central America—from the colonial streets of Guatemala to the lush rain forests of Costa Rica—and discover why this region has captivated travelers for centuries.