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Personalize your trip

Maximize your value and create the adventure that’s right for you—with more choices than ever

OAT travelers have long expressed the desire to decide exactly where they’re going, how they get there, and when they wish to leave. That’s why we developed a variety of choices that enhance the value of every trip we offer, allowing you to create the adventure that works best for you.

Choose to make your own air arrangements

When you opt to make your own air arrangements, you’ll benefit from the exceptional value of our Land Tour-only or Small Ship Adventure-only options. We’ve been committed to offering you unparalleled value for 36 years, and this continues in 2015.

Plus, all of our trips now include the option of purchasing airport transfers directly to and from your hotel from $50 per person. Rest assured that your fellow travelers will be there waiting for you at the start of your trip, so you won’t miss a thing—and you won’t have to worry about finding them when you arrive.

If you’re looking for alternative air routings and carriers, we’re here to help you. We’ll work with you to explore the routing and airline options that best meet your specific travel needs.

Have you been accumulating frequent flyer miles from various airlines over the years? Don't let them go to waste—redeem them when you make your own international flight arrangements, directly with the airline of your choice, to add even more value to your trip.

And now, when you purchase our Land Tour-only option, you can extend your Travel Protection Plan coverage to your independently made air arrangements—protecting your airline tickets, frequent flyer miles, luggage, and more.

Or, you can still book your airfare with us, upgrading to business or premium economy class if you’d like. Many travelers have asked us for the option of upgrading their flight class for more comfortable trips.

Extend your discoveries with pre- and post-trip extensions

Many OAT travelers have shared that they simply don’t want their trips to end. With an array of trip extensions to choose from, you have the chance to experience more of the places you’ve traveled so far to see. Plus, you lower your average per-day costs because you’re taking advantage of your already included international airfare.

Combine two or more trips to maximize your value

Many of our travelers choose to take another trip directly after their first one ends. We’ve already combined two of our popular trips to form one comprehensive experience: Australia & New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under. Or you can delve deeper into Asia on our From Siam to Saigon: Thailand & Vietnam Revealed adventure.

Or, perhaps you’d like to create your own back-to-back trip. Some travelers have taken two, three, or even more “back to back” trips before flying home.

“Break away” before or after your trip

The ideal travel experience for many is a mix of scheduled tours and activities, with time for unplanned discoveries on your own. When you “break away” before or after your trip for a day, a week, or even a month, you give yourself a chance to do your own independent exploration. This could mean arriving a few days early for a fresh start or staying overnight in a connecting city before or after your trip. Many of our travelers choose to arrive a few days before the tour begins to re-energize after the long international flight.

Make the most of your experience with our optional tours

So many activities and experiences are included on our adventures that you may opt to relax during your free time. But if you want to discover even more, our affordable optional tours allow you to customize your experience—adding one or several options—to tailor your adventure and make it just right for you.

Plus, you can explore the world in an EXCLUSIVE group of as few as 4 travelers on a Private Departure. Learn more »

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