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Protect Our Planet—Stop the Keystone Pipeline and local organizers don’t just want to stop the pipeline’s construction—they want to replace it with clean, renewable energy sources. Watch to learn more about Solar XL, an initiative to build solar panels along the pipeline’s path.

The Keystone XL Pipeline—which has recently leaked more than 210,000 gallons of oil—will destroy the natural environment of South Dakota and Nebraska, and deprive Natives Americans indigenous to the area of their sacred lands. Oil from the pipeline will be burned as fuel, contributing to the rapidly changing climate of this beautiful planet we call home. is leading the fight to prevent the pipeline’s construction and keep fossil fuels where they belong—in the ground. This organization is working alongside Native Americans, Dakota and Nebraska farmers, and local organizers to halt the pipeline and erect solar panels in its place. Each 9-panel frame, which constitutes a renewable and clean source of energy, costs $15,500 to build and install—a prohibitively expensive cost for those living on the pipeline’s proposed path.

Grand Circle Foundation is proud to partner with to support the installation of solar panels and help prevent the pipeline’s construction. The Lewis Family Conservation Foundation will match individual donations up to $250,000—for a total of up to $500,000. Together, we can stop the pipeline’s incursion into our wilderness and conserve the Earth’s precious resources.

To help install more solar panels and stop the Keystone pipeline, please click below to donate.

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