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Amboseli Primary School—We need your help to make a difference

See how your donation will directly affect the children of the Amboseli Primary School in this video.

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Since 2011, Grand Circle Foundation(GCF)has donated $178,766 to support the education of students at Amboseli Primary School in Kenya. Our biggest project will be our next one: constructing a secondary school, so that the students of Amboseli can continue their education. Your tax-deductible donation will be matched by Grand Circle Foundation—up to $30,000—by August 15, 2016.

Below is a summary of projects we’ve completed to date—with your help, we can truly make a difference.

A new water system

When we first began our partnership, the school’s most pressing priority was a new hand pump for the village well. Upon investigation, we decided to build the school a new well that would also benefit the entire village—which required workers to dig an astounding 140 feet before striking water. With the well complete, GCF restored the water storage tank, provided water filters, and piped water to the garden, where fruit trees and vegetables are planted.

A solar powered electric fence

Located on the edge of Amboseli National Park—one of the best places in Africa to see free-ranging elephants—the school faced a very unique problem: elephants wandering through the school grounds. Our solution was to install a solar powered electric fence, which keeps the elephants off the property and the students safe.

Sponsored education for individual students

The father of one of our sponsored students, Lillian, was killed by an elephant, leaving her mother unable to afford the school fees. Lillian is one of 18 students in Kenya whose school fees are funded by travelers and Grand Circle Foundation. Another is Flora, who at eleven years old was to be sold into marriage to a 67-year old man. Although it is illegal in Kenya to sell a child into marriage, and community leaders were not in support of the sale, there was a real fear that her father would attempt to bring her back to her “husband”. To protect her, we removed her from Amboseli and funded her education at a remote boarding school, where she is thriving.

A new dormitory for girls

Keeping girls in school through the end of primary school in Grade eight is a real problem, with many dropping out due to chores at home, pregnancy, and the fact that education for girls is not deemed as important as it is for boys. At Amboseli Primary, the numbers are dismal: in 2013 only two girls out of a starting class of 23 made it to grade eight; and although the number has increased, only six girls were in the class of 2015 grade eight. To help combat this issue, GCF is building a new girls’ dormitory that will house 38 girls and a live-in matron. We are also renovating the existing dormitory block, which houses 76 students with two to five sharing a bed.

In addition to the projects above, Grand Circle Foundation has provided thousands of textbooks, school supplies, teacher supplies, desks, solar lights, play materials, uniforms, and more. In a thank-you note to Grand Circle Foundation, Ann, the headmistress of the school, wrote:

“We get all the materials required for teaching. Before the ratio of books to pupils was 1:5, but now the ratio is 1:1. Last year, a pupil from Amboseli Primary School emerged number one countrywide for an essay writing competition. This was because of the story books we got from you. We thank you so much for supporting these pupils so that they may come back in the future to uplift the standard of living in the community.”

Click below if you would like to help us construct a secondary school to continue to improve the education of students at the Amboseli Primary School. Together, we can create a brighter future for these children.

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