Coronavirus Update

As of 3/27/20 at 9am EST

We understand travelers’ concerns surrounding coronavirus and potential impact to travel plans. Your safety, as always, is our #1 priority. We are working with our global network of 36 regional offices to monitor impact in the destinations we visit. As the situation can change from day-to-day, we will update this page daily.

We are closely watching the travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State and updates from the World Health Organization to keep us rooted in facts—not fear.

Based on this information, we have made the decision to cancel ALL remaining departures of all our base trips in March-April. If you have a trip reserved with us, we will contact you directly about any changes to your departure.

NEW Flexible Booking Policy

We understand that many travelers are hesitant to make their travel plans with so much current uncertainty. That’s why we want to offer more flexibility if your travel plans need to change: We will waive any change fees for 2020 and 2021 reservations if you transfer to another departure date.

An Update on Italy & Asia | FAQ

Update on Italy

Italy & Sicily

We have cancelled all trips and optional trip extensions to Italy and Sicily through the end of May 2020. Please note: We are in the process of making calls in order of departure date. We ask that you please be patient as we contact all impacted travelers.

Update on Asia


We have canceled all departures, optional trip extensions, and stopovers to China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Mongolia in 2020 and 2021.

  • Imperial China, Tibet & the Yangtze River
  • China & the Yangtze River
  • South Korea & Japan: Temples, Shrines & Seaside Treasures
  • Mongolia & the Gobi Desert
  • Tibet post-trip extension to Nepal & the Mystical Himalayas
  • Stopovers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does O.A.T. determine when to cancel trips?
A: Our top priority is always the safety of our travelers. We are in constant communication with our staff in our regional offices around the world, along with the U.S. State Department, and we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation. Based on the information we have received, we have made the decision to cancel ALL remaining departures of all of our trips in March-April 2020. Our Italy and Sicily trips and optional extensions have been cancelled through the end of May 2020. And all of our China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Mongolia trips, optional extensions, and Stopovers have been cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Our Traveler Support team is currently working with affected travelers to reschedule their adventures.

Q: What happens if I am on a trip and I get quarantined?
A: In the unlikely event that you are quarantined while on an O.A.T. adventure, we will work with local and international authorities to ensure our travelers’ needs are fully met. While every situation is unique, O.A.T. has always supported our travelers through world events, and our teams abroad are equipped to handle emergencies.

Q: I would like to postpone my trip. Will I have to pay to change departure dates?
A: With our NEW Flexible Booking Policy, we will waive any change fees for ALL departures through the end of May 2020 if you choose to rebook another 2020 or 2021 trip. If you already have an existing 2020 (June and beyond) or 2021 reservation, or book a new 2020 or 2021 reservation, and for whatever reason need to change the date of travel, you can transfer to another date within 12 months of your departure and we will waive any change fees.

Q: If I move my trip to a later departure date, will my Frequent Traveler Credits apply to my new booking?
A: For departure dates through May 2020, if you choose to move to a later departure date, we will honor the full value of Frequent Traveler Credits applied to your original reservation on any departure through the end of 2021.