Beat the Crowds to Cuba—Reserve Your 2018 Departure NOW

With tensions finally thawing between the U.S. and Cuba, it’s no surprise that this fascinating Caribbean island nation has recently emerged as the hottest new travel destination for Americans. Grand Circle Foundation reveals the full range of Cuba’s cultural splendor, colonial charm, and welcoming people on your choice of two memorable itineraries for 2018. To experience Cuba on the cusp of such extraordinary changes, you must act fast—departures are already filling fast. Call 1-855-423-3443 today.

Cuba: A Bridge Between Cultures

Join our original 12-day Cuba program and stroll the colonial streets of Old Havana, experience Afro-Cuban rumba rhythms of Cienfuegos, and discover the colonial gem of Trinidad.

  • Visit with some Cuban artists at their studios in Cienfuegos and learn about the challenges they face in earning a living through their craft
  • See what everyday life is like in Cuba by stopping at a bodega (a small store) and meeting with a practitioner of Santeria—the Afro-Caribbean religion blending animism with elements of Roman Catholicism—in colonial Trinidad
  • Discover why Ernest Hemingway felt such a kinship to the Cuban people during visits to his villa near Havana and the fishing village that inspired him to write The Old Man and the Sea

Let the rhythms of Cuba captivate you in this music-driven video, highlighting everyday scenes from across the island.

Cuba - Lost in Time—produced by Paul Wegschaider
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NEW! Cuba Revealed: Cultural Pathways from Camaguey to Havana

Our newest 13-day People-to-People program in Cuba features the inland gem Camaguey, Spanish-influenced Remedios, Che Guevara’s city of Santa Clara, vibrant Havana, and much more.

  • Explore the narrow, twisting lanes of 16th-century Camaguey by bici-taxi—the human-pedaled mode of transport that reveals the Cuban people’s spirit of entrepreneurship
  • See why Cuba holds such deep ties to Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Santa Clara, the city whose liberation by the revolutionary hero marked the end of the Batista regime
  • Discover the true passions of everyday Cubans by meeting with Cuban baseball players and playing dominoes with locals in Havana

In Havana, more than just the cars are vintage. Learn how locals rely on (and strive to maintain) their 1950s bicycles.

Havana Bikes—produced by Diego Vivanco
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