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Top 15: Most Popular 2022 O.A.T. Adventures

Posted on 10/6/2020 12:00:00 AM in The Buzz

Charming Vik Village is the jumping-off point for an off-road Super Jeep Tour during the #1 adventure on this list.

Already, more than 52,000 travelers are planning to join us in 2021—but 9,000 are looking toward 2022. To accommodate those of you who want to plan farther ahead, we’ve opened 2022 departures far earlier than we normally would—because this is anything but a normal year. These are the 15 adventures where travelers have shown the most interest.

While we have high hopes for the future, we realize that the world will be an uncertain place for some time. So wherever you dream of traveling next, know that you can reserve with confidence with our NEW Risk-Free Booking Policy: For any reservation made by 12/31/20, you can transfer to another departure date for any reason—up until 24 hours prior to your original departure—and we will waive any change fees for 2021 and 2022 reservations.

15. Grand Baltic Sea Voyage—14-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Copenhagen, Denmark—3 nights; Post-trip: Stockholm, Sweden—3 nights

Set out across the sable waters of the Baltic Sea and discover enchanting castles, whimsical villages, and medieval squares. Explore seven countries and immerse yourself in the distinct and unique cultures of each region, with a Trip Experience Leader and local guides fostering authentic experiences along the way. And because of our ship's small size, you'll not only be able to witness the Baltics' iconic highlights—like lavish St. Petersburg and bustling Stockholm—but also delve into the region's more remote gems—like colorful Visby and historic Riga, small ports only accessible by small ship. Plus, throughout your journey, gain an intimate perspective on this multifaceted region from the people who live and work here.

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14. New! Arctic Expedition: Untamed Norway & Svalbard—15-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Reykjavik & the Golden Circle, Iceland—6 nights; Post-trip: Copenhagen, Denmark—4 nights

Stately walruses gazing at you from behind unkempt mustaches and massive tusks … tranquil herds of reindeer grazing in the tundra that overlooks vivid blue fjords … polar bears lumbering about on the coastlines—these are the sights that you may come across at the top of the world. The Arctic was once a place that only the bravest explorers competed to see, detailing their trials and tribulations into history. Today, you can be one of the lucky few to cross the elusive Arctic Circle when you set sail aboard the 150-passenger M/V Hondius and journey north into the frozen wilderness―uncovering the mysterious beauty of the region’s cultural and natural wonders.

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13. Tuscany & Umbria: Rustic Beauty in the Italian Heartland—15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: History and Culinary Delights of Bologna & Parma, Italy—6 nights; Post-trip: Rome: Ancient Sites & Hidden Gems—4 nights

From the grape-laden vines of Chianti to the thick olive groves blanketing the hills of Trevi, Italy’s Tuscany and Umbria regions are ripe for discovery. Wander through fields of wildflowers to explore an abandoned abbey. Stand atop the walls of an ancient city, and gaze upon the marble churches and tree-lined piazzas below. Travel along the narrow lanes of small towns, marvel at medieval hilltop fortresses, and stroll between proud stands of cypress trees. And by exploring in such a small group with a local Trip Experience Leader by our side, we'll enjoy intimate interactions with the people who live and work in these regions of Italy—everyone from olive oil producers and wine merchants to local truffle hunters.

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12. Jewels of Bohemia: Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary—14-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Berlin, Wittenberg, Dresden & the Elbe River Valley—5 nights; Post-trip: Vienna: Palaces, Music, Architecture & Sachertorte—5 nights

Journey with O.A.T. into Eastern Europe’s Bohemian heartland to discover the history, culture, and landscapes of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary—and prepare to enter an enchanting world of fairy-tale castles, Gothic cathedrals, and picturesque towns. In the Czech Republic, a region noted for its hearty Bohemian beers, witness the spires of Prague, the medieval splendor of Cesky Krumlov, and traditional ways of life in the Renaissance village of Slavonice. In Slovakia, discover the youthful optimism of Bratislava, the forested country’s historic capital. Then, enjoy an audience with the “Queen of the Danube,” and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Budapest, the lovely Hungarian capital infused with the vibrancy of a fiery paprika.

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11. Enhanced! The Baltic Capitals & St. Petersburg—16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Poland: Krakow, Auschwitz & Warsaw—5 nights; Post-trip: Russian Capitals: St. Petersburg & Moscow—5 nights

Few regions possess a more turbulent history than Russia and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. After countless wars, occupations—even a “singing” revolution—these countries have re-emerged to reveal their splendor to the world. Beginning with 2021 departures, you'll immerse yourself in these destinations through NEW features, such as a visit to the Cold War museum coupled with a conversation about the tumultuous time, exploring the grounds where the "Singing Revolution" took place, and admiring Latvia's signature architectural style at the Art Nouveau Museum.

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10. Turkey’s Magical Hideaways—17-day O.A.T. Small Ship Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Azerbaijan: Baku & Guba—6 nights; Post-trip: Turkey: Kazdaglari, Canakkale & Istanbul—6 nights

On this adventure, discover multicultural treasures on a journey from the palaces and grand mosques of exotic Istanbul to the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, a geologic wonderland in the Turkish heartland. Walk in the footsteps of saints and legionnaires in Ephesus, and then witness the cliff-top beauty of Antalya. Plus, you’ll ply the enchanting waters of the Turquoise Coast for four nights aboard a private 14-passenger gulet-style yacht—a modern version of the traditional wooden-hulled sailing vessels that plied the Aegean for centuries—where you can swim in translucent waters, witness Lycian tombs hewn into the cliffs, and visit a hidden bay where Marc Antony built baths for Cleopatra.

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9. Enhanced! Irish Adventure: Dublin, Belfast & the Northwest Counties—16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Dublin in Depth—4 nights; Post-trip: Dingle & Killarney: County Kerry’s Rugged Coastline—5 nights

Encounter many sides of Ireland’s legendary wonders and tumultuous past as you explore thousands of years of history throughout the island. The country holds a controversial history that often goes undiscovered, and we'll uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly of Ireland's heritage though conversations with those who've endured these tough times. Upon the Emerald Isle, we'll trace the influence of the infamous Troubles across the country through exclusive experiences and local interactions—first exploring the era's influence on bustling Dublin before traveling to Belfast, where the heart of the period unfolded during the late 20th century. Stay in both quiet country settings and in the heart of Ireland's musical cities.

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8. Northern Greece, Albania & Macedonia: Ancient Lands of Alexander the Great—18-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Greece: Athens, Crete—6 nights; Post-trip: Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade—6 nights

In a small group, and in the company of an expert Trip Experience Leader, journey into the past to explore legendary lands once traversed by the Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Visit ancient Thessaloniki, whose historic streets slope down to the Gulf of Thermaikos, witness the soaring clifftop monasteries of Meteora, and explore the wilds of Zagoria, home to ancient stone bridges and traditional Balkan mountain villages. Cross into undiscovered Albania to explore the Ottoman-era town of Gjirokaster, and Tirana, whose Communist-era trappings are fading into memory. Step into the homes of locals, where culture comes to life in intimate discussions. And, discover the Republic of Macedonia, a small Balkan nation rich in Greek, Roman, and Ottoman history, including lakeside Ohrid and the Macedonian capital of Skopje.

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7. Northern Spain & Portugal: Pilgrimage into the Past—17-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Carcassonne, Bayonne & French Basque Country—5 nights; Post-trip: Lisbon, Sintra Palace & Seaside Cascais—4 nights

Follow the path of ancient pilgrimage routes on a journey from the Basque capital of Bilbao and Hemingway’s beloved Pamplona to legendary Santiago de Compostela. Throughout this Portugal and Spain travel experience, you’ll witness the full breadth of the region’s delights—including the Bretxa Market in San Sebastian and the streets of León—as well as savor local tastes when you sample wine and enjoy a Home-Hosted meal. The discoveries continue as you explore the rich traditions of Galicia, Spain’s northernmost region, and the lush riverside Douro Valley of Portugal. Crown your journey in history-soaked Porto, the coastal city that launched so many explorers.

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6. Back Roads of Iberia: Spanish Paradores & Portuguese Pousadas—15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Porto: Northern Portugal’s Romanesque Gem—5 nights; Post-trip: Bilbao & Spain’s Northern Coast—7 nights

From a Roman colony and centuries of Moorish rule to the great explorers of the Age of Discovery, Spain and Portugal are home to extraordinary beauty and untold remnants of a tumultuous past. We’ll chart our own course for discovery in these ancient lands during stays for eight nights in intimate Portuguese pousadas and Spanish paradores, restored historic inns—from castles and convents to manor homes and monasteries—that evoke the glory of an earlier era. We’ll also dine with a family in their home and discover the secrets of Portuguese cuisine during a cooking lesson; explore the village of Sintra, including a visit to the medieval Sintra National Palace; and learn about life on a family-owned olive oil mill during our A Day in the Life near Úbeda, bordered on all sides by numerous olive groves that produce some of the world's best olive oil.

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5. New! Scotland Revealed: Legends, Lochs & Highland Landscapes—15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Inverness and the Gaelic Island Culture of the Scottish Hebrides: Skye, Lewis & Harris—6 nights; Post-trip: Dramatic Landscapes of North Wales & Liverpool, England—6 nights or Post-trip: The Remote Shetlands: Wildlife, Nature & Time-Honored Traditions—6 nights

Rolling hills dotted with castles and churches overlook picturesque lochs ... winding cobbled streets hug stacks of stone buildings ... unspoiled Isles reveal secluded beaches and verdant pastures ... these settings have provided the background for Scotland's rich history, which is the stuff of legends. It's here that the Protestant Reformation changed the religious landscape of the country; where the beloved sport of golf originated; and where kings and queens shaped Scotland's politics. As we trace the coast of Scotland all the way down to its capital city, we'll get an intimate glimpse into the country's past, and we'll meet the warm, inviting locals that call Scotland home along the way.

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4. Northern Italy: The Alps, Dolomites & Lombardy—15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Italian Riviera, Genoa & the Cinque Terre—5 nights; Post-trip: Classic Venice: Murano & Burano—4 nights

Witness the awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural treasures of Northern Italy on a journey from the fashion capital of Milan and romance of the Lombardy Lakes to the snow-covered Alps and towering pinnacles of the Dolomites. Discover a different side of Italy, and explore the enchanting juxtaposition of Italian and bordering cultures in this scenic region of woodlands, vineyards, and valleys dotted with medieval villages. Witness hidden gems and off-the-beaten path locales that are exclusive to O.A.T. And thanks to our small group size, get up close and personal with the people who live and work amidst the verdant valleys and Alpine splendor of Italy’s northernmost lands. With the insider knowledge of an expert local Trip Experience Leader, you’ll visit with local families, get to know winemakers, and meet with Ladin-speaking locals to learn about the unique language and culture they are trying to preserve in valleys hidden deep in the Dolomites.

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3. Sicily’s Ancient Landscapes & Timeless Traditions—16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Puglia: Italy’s Undiscovered Heel—5 nights; Post-trip: Calabria: Southern Italy’s Hidden Heartland—5 nights

On this Sicily travel experience, you'll discover an Italian island with more than 3,000 years of history. Once home to a Greek colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate, a Norman kingdom, and more, traces of ancient conquerors can still be found in Sicily’s well-preserved ruins, elegant architecture, and gastronomic delights. And thanks to our expert Trip Experience Leader and small group size—just 8-16 travelers, with an average of 13—you can go behind the scenes and off the beaten path, where you’ll discover authentic cultural experiences with the friendly, fiercely-proud Sicilian people.

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2. Enhanced! Crossroads of the Adriatic: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia—18-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Albania: Undiscovered Balkans—5 nights; Post-trip: Serbia: Novi Sad & Belgrade—4 nights

On this adventure, journey to the countries of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia—southeastern Europe’s multicultural lands of forgotten beauty. United as Yugoslavia after World War I, these diverse countries at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures coexisted peacefully—yet have been at the center of intermittent hostilities from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century. Over the course of this journey, you'll have the opportunity to meet locals and speak with them about this turbulent history, including a survivor of the three-and-a-half year siege of Sarajevo, in which thousands of people lost their lives.

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1. Untamed Iceland—13-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure


Optional extensions: Pre-trip: Westman Islands: Volcanic Landscapes & Puffins—3 nights; Post-trip: Greenland’s Natural Splendor & Inuit Culture—4 nights

A world away yet tantalizingly close, Iceland is a magical island of pure and unspoiled natural beauty. One of the least-populated nations on Earth—and nowhere near as cold as its name implies—Iceland is a verdant paradise of electric green valleys punctuated by craggy mountains, steaming hot springs, boiling mud pools, and lava fields said to be inhabited by elves. Here, our small group will afford us the opportunity to meet hardy locals who have historically carved a living from both the land and sea in farming communities and fishing villages, as well as discover the history of this isolated nation preserved in a series of medieval tales known as the Sagas. Their customs and traditions are inspired from centuries of folk tales passed down from generation to generation, and are full of magic, ghosts, elves, and huldufolk (hidden people).

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