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Top 10: Most Popular Small Group Adventures Opening in 2021

Posted on 4/27/2021 12:00:00 AM in The Buzz

Explore the ancient stone dwellings of Matera during an optional extension to Sicily’s Ancient Landscapes & Timeless Traditions—the most popular adventure we plan to operate in 2021.

The safety of our travelers is always our #1 priority. Vaccinations are now required for all travelers, Trip Experience Leaders, and coach drivers. In addition, we have worked with our 36 regional offices and listened to government guidance and traveler feedback to update our health and safety protocols for our Small Group Adventures. With these measures in place, we’re looking forward to resuming our travels this year—including these popular Small Group Adventures.

These popular Small Group Adventures are among the first that we plan to operate—but keep in mind that this is just the beginning. We’re evaluating all our destinations and will announce more adventures as the situation evolves.

1. Sicily's Ancient Landscapes & Timeless Traditions —16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Sicily

Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Sicily

Join Emmy Award winner Rudy Maxa for a tour of Sicily’s timeless treasures.


On this Sicily travel experience, you'll discover an Italian island with more than 3,000 years of history. Once home to a Greek colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate, a Norman kingdom, and more, traces of ancient conquerors can still be found in Sicily’s well-preserved ruins, elegant architecture, and gastronomic delights.

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2. Enhanced! Untamed Iceland —13-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Overseas with David Conover: Iceland

Overseas with David Conover: Iceland

Join filmmaker David Conover as he explores Iceland’s landscapes, chats with locals about Icelandic culture, and glimpses into the center of the Earth.


A world away yet tantalizingly close, Iceland is a magical island of pure and unspoiled natural beauty. One of the least-populated nations on Earth—and nowhere near as cold as its name implies—Iceland is a verdant paradise of electric green valleys punctuated by craggy mountains, steaming hot springs, boiling mud pools, and lava fields said to be inhabited by elves.

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3. Morocco Sahara Odyssey —16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: The Blue City

The Blue City

Learn from a local about the distinctive colors of Chefchaouen, a historic Moroccan city in the Rif Mountains.


Morocco travel enthralls even the most experienced adventurer. Tradition infuses its labyrinthine medinas, overflowing with centuries-old customs. Village oases seem to rise from the desert, and the mighty Sahara, a timeless sea of sand, stretches to infinity. During this comprehensive adventure, we’ll camp under the Sahara’s starry skies in a tented camp for two nights—and even explore by camel.

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4. The Baltic Capitals & St. Petersburg —16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Great Railway Journeys of Europe: Budapest to Warsaw

Great Railway Journeys of Europe: Budapest to Warsaw

Discover Central Europe by railway and see this complex region in a whole new way.


Few regions possess a more turbulent history than Russia and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Immerse yourself in these destinations through NEW features, such as a visit to the Cold War museum coupled with a conversation about the tumultuous time, exploring the grounds where the “Singing Revolution” took place, and admiring Latvia's signature architectural style at the Art Nouveau Museum.

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5. Crossroads of the Adriatic: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia —18-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Curious Kotor, Montenegro

Curious Kotor, Montenegro

Discover Kotor, from the “floating” Our Lady of the Rocks church to the zigzagging Ladder of Kotor trail that overlooks the mountain-ringed bay.

Discover the heritage of the Balkans while witnessing stunning coastal scenery, exploring ancient walled cities, and experiencing the pride and resilience of the people of these re-emerging nations. Because we travel in a small group, we'll get to engage with locals in each country we visit and learn about their current lives, thoughts on Tito’s legacy, and wartime experiences.

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6. Northern Italy: The Alps, Dolomites & Lombardy —15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Milan and Lake Como

Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Milan and Lake Como

Join Emmy Award winner Rudy Maxa on a journey through Italy’s stunning Lombardy region.


Witness the awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural treasures of Northern Italy on a journey from the fashion capital of Milan and romance of the Lombardy Lakes to the snow-covered Alps and towering pinnacles of the Dolomites. Witness hidden gems and off-the-beaten path locales that are exclusive to O.A.T. And ride through the majestic Alps into Switzerland aboard the legendary red train, the Bernina Express.

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7. Irish Adventure: Dublin, Belfast & the Northwest Counties —16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Ireland’s West Coast

Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa: Ireland’s West Coast

Be charmed by the Celtic culture that abounds on Ireland’s west coast with Emmy Award winner Rudy Maxa.


Whether it’s the stunning Cliffs of Moher rising from the Atlantic or the cozy pubs lining cobbled city streets, the rich history and natural splendor witnessed across Ireland is sure to captivate you. The country holds a controversial history that often goes undiscovered, and we'll uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly of Ireland's heritage though conversations with those who've endured these tough times.

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8. New! Scotland Revealed: Legends, Lochs & Highland Landscapes —15-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Edinburgh’s Maritime Attractions

Edinburgh's Maritime Attractions

See the seaside wildlife of the Firth of Forth and meet a kilt designer in this unique look at Scotland’s capital.


Rolling hills dotted with castles and churches overlook picturesque lochs ... winding cobbled streets hug stacks of stone buildings ... unspoiled Isles reveal secluded beaches and verdant pastures. As we trace the coast of Scotland all the way down to its capital city, we'll get an intimate glimpse into the country's past, and we'll meet the warm, inviting locals that call Scotland home along the way.

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9. Japan’s Cultural Treasures —16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Japan: The Contemporary and the Ancient

Japan: The Contemporary and the Ancient

Follow the Grannies on Safari in Kusatsu, Kyoto, and Tokyo as they attend a tea ceremony, belt out some karaoke tunes, and more.

Join us as we explore more than 2,000 years of Japanese history and culture, from ultra-modern Tokyo to the former imperial capital of Kyoto. In this unequaled country, colorful Shinto festivals snakes past Tokyo skyscrapers, a modern bullet train speeds past a farmer tending his rice paddies, and majestic Mount Fuji provides an iconic backdrop for the hot springs of Hakone.

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10. Ancient Kingdoms: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam —20-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure

Our most popular independent film: Tough Trains: The Reunification Express

Tough Trains - Vietnam: The Reunification Express

Follow our host Zay Harding as he rides by rail from Hanoi to Saigon, discovering how this railway has become a symbol of unity.


Veer off Southeast Asia’s trodden paths to uncover the glory days of lost empires—and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures that have emerged in their wakes. Traveling the Indochina peninsula through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, you’ll connect with locals who will share their homes, markets, and schools with you. From the grandeur of Angkor Wat’s temples to the simplicity of life along the Mekong River, it’s an Asian adventure like none other.

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