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Recipe Roundup: A Global Table

Posted on 5/19/2020 12:00:00 AM in The Buzz

Even if you’re not tasting dishes right from kitchens around the world, these recipes will still make you feel like you’re far away.

While we’re not traveling, many of us are doing a lot more cooking—so why not take an adventure right in your own kitchen? Many of these recipes are easily adaptable to whatever you have on hand, and some require just a few basic ingredients. Do you have a recipe from your travels that you’d like to share? We’re always hungry for more, so email us at [email protected].

1. Japan: Daigaku Imo (Candied Sweet Potatoes)

For Tokyo college students in the early 1900s, sweet potatoes may have been cheap enough—but they apparently weren’t sweet enough. Enter these honey-glazed spuds, still known as “university potatoes” today. Appropriate as either a dessert or side dish, it’s a healthy(ish) way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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2. Croatia: Fis Paprikas (Fish Stew)

Croatia shares a border with Hungary—so perhaps it’s not surprising that the country has adopted a love of paprika, particularly in the northern Croatian county of Osijek-Baranja. This comforting recipe for fish stewed in fragrant, paprika-spiced broth also celebrates an abundance of local seafood.

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3. Italy: Pugliese Brasciole (Rolled Beef)

Also spelled “braciole” and pronounced bra-JAWL in Italian-American households, this tender braised meat dish has countless variations in Italy. Here, we start with the basics: beef, breadcrumbs, cheese, garlic, and parsley. Master this, and the only limit is your imagination..

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4. Scotland: Sticky Toffee Pudding

If your idea of “pudding” is limited to the little plastic tubs you feed your grandchildren, give the Scottish version a try. As if a sweet and buttery cake weren’t delicious enough, this recipe goes even further by smothering it in a decadent caramel sauce.

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5. Slovakia: Pirohy

From gnocchi to jiaoxi, dumplings are beloved around the world—and while Poland and Slovakia may share a common border, they each have a distinct version of this stuffed, doughy delicacy. The Slovakian secret? A particular cheese that’s not easy to find in the U.S.—but crafty home cooks have devised a solution.

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6. Portugal: Acorda a Alentejana (Bread & Garlic Soup)

Embrace simplicity with this simple yet flavorful soup, which hails from Portugal’s Alentejano region. Sometimes nicknamed “beggar’s soup,” it magically transforms just a few basic ingredients—eggs, garlic, herbs, and stale bread—into something far greater than the sum of its parts.

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7. Peru: Causa (Potato Casserole)

Home to more than 3,000 varieties of potatoes, Peru knows a thing or two about creative spud preparation. This layered casserole is built upon a classic combination of potatoes and peppers, but the variations are as limitless as the cook’s imagination. It’s a fun twist on standard potluck fare.

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8. Turkey: Pide (Stuffed Flatbread)

Since before the days of the Ottoman Empire, meat-filled morsels from dumplings to vegetables have been prominent in Turkish cuisine. But why stuff a pepper when there’s bread to be filled? Often referred to as “Turkish pizza,” pide can be customized to your liking—so consider our recipe a jumping-off point.

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9. Chile: Pastel de Choclo (Corn Pie)

Whether you have fresh corn or a bag in your freezer, take your starch game up a notch with this sweet and savory Chilean pie. More akin to a casserole, it’s easily portable, and boasts layers of complementary flavors to surprise your guests’ palates when we’re able to share potlucks again.

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10. Thailand: Pad Grapow Gai (Basil Chicken)

Thailand borrowed the stir fry method from China, but made the flavors all its own. Learn to make a fresh, fragrant Thai chicken stir fry with basil and chilies—and watch as the dish is prepared in a mouthwatering step-by-step film from the Meatmen.

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