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Foundation Update: Inspiring Students Through Sustainable Agriculture in Costa Rica

Posted on 5/4/2021 12:00:00 AM in The Buzz

In the small northern village of Chachagua, Costa Rica, the San Francisco School inspires future leaders and fosters sustainable agriculture. The school provides students with a first-rate education along with a focus on environmental stewardship—two of Costa Rica’s primary values.

The school operates under the innovative concept of combining traditional learning along with farming on the microfarm on the property. Students attend school and learn the art of connecting with nature through growing healthy, organic crops. For the rural village, the school provides students and the local community with much needed nutrition and revenue.

While successful in educating their students, many school systems in Costa Rica suffer from a lack of funding. Donations from Grand Circle Foundation helped the San Francisco School to purchase land, provide storage facilities, plant crops on the microfarm, as well as add new classrooms for students. The school is one of a kind in Costa Rica and is currently being studied as a model to replicate around Costa Rica.

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