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Looking for a roommate? OAT can find you a match.

Whether you’re married to someone who doesn’t share your travel interests, widowed, or just want to meet new travel partners or friends, our FREE Roommate Matching Service will help you find a same-gender roommate.

And since there’s a natural sense of curiosity that unites people who share a passion for travel, you’ll have many opportunities to connect and form lasting friendships with your new roommate—or any of your fellow travelers—on your next OAT adventure.

Because space for solo travelers is limited on each departure, we offer a FREE Roommate Matching Service.

We’ll help you connect with others
When you take advantage of this special benefit, OAT will help you find a same- gender roommate.

… Or enjoy a FREE Single Supplement
If we’re unable to find you a match, we’ll give you a single room at no additional cost.

Here's what travelers are saying about Roommate Matching...
“For three of five trips I’ve enjoyed with OAT, I’ve chosen to room with a stranger assigned by OAT, because I love the opportunity to travel without paying a Single Supplement and getting to know another woman who is brave and flexible enough to share space with someone unknown, but who possibly will become a treasured friend”

- June Calendar
5-time traveler
Hyannis, Massachusetts

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