The Leader in Small Groups on the Road Less Traveled Never more than 10-16 travelers—guaranteed!

10 Reasons to Travel Solo With OAT

1. The Leader in Solo Friendly Travel: Guaranteed.
Enjoy FREE Single Supplements.

Compare our value for solo travelers with other travel companies, and you’ll find that you save $580-$3795 per person with OAT. In fact, we guarantee that you cannot find a lower price for a solo traveler on any comparable international trip for Americans. If you do, we’ll not only match that price, but we’ll also deduct $500 off the cost of your adventure.

Plus, OAT offers special benefits for our solo travelers, including FREE Single Supplements on all Land and Small Ship Adventures, and FREE Single Supplements on all pre- and post-trip extensions.

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2. Connect with other solo travelers

With our Travel Companions online community and free Roommate Matching Service, we help you connect with others who share your love of adventure. PLUS, save up to $1295 by avoiding the Single Supplement on Small Ship Adventures.

Travel Companions Online Community
If you’re looking for a travel companion, join our free online community where like-minded travelers connect. Create your own profile based on your travel interests, search other profiles to find travelers, and send messages to introduce yourself to potential companions.

FREE Roommate Matching Service
We can help you find a same-gender roommate to share your discoveries with. If we’re unable to find you a match, we’ll give you a single room at no additional cost.

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3. Our Trip Leaders are by your side, every step of the way

No one can make the history, culture, and wildlife of a place come alive for you like a local resident can. That's why we've always handpicked our Trip Leaders, whose unbridled passion for their homelands infuses every aspect of your adventure. And their skill in group dynamics ensure you'll always feel safe and welcome, wherever you go. They help every traveler feel involved in every activity.

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4. Your safety and security is our priority

We take every precaution to safeguard your well-being, from carefully selecting hotels in safe, centrally located areas to providing a variety of options for our included physical activities. Plus, with the knowledge and expertise of our regional office staff—dedicated professionals who live, work, and play in the countries you'll visit—you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that we're right where you are.

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5. You'll enjoy easy camaraderie with like-minded travelers

There’s an innate sense of curiosity that unites people who share a passion for travel—so even if you’ve never met your fellow adventurers, chances are you’ve already got something in common. Our small group size ensures that you'll have ample opportunity to connect, learning from and about each other as you explore each destination. With so much to discover—and so many wonderful and welcoming people to share your experience with—the fun will continue throughout your adventure.

“I was a little nervous traveling alone. I didn’t know any of my other traveling partners, but from the first meeting I knew I was with friends.”

Robert Pierce
4-time traveler
Honolulu, Hawaii

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6. Small groups mean big discoveries

As part of a small group, you'll be able to slip unobtrusively into local communities, immersing yourself fully in their daily lives and sharing experiences on an intimate scale. You'll also have the freedom to be as independent as you choose, enjoying leisure time to make your own discoveries.

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7. We go where Americans don't go

No matter where you travel, we pride ourselves on venturing off the beaten path, journeying to lesser-known locales that offer truly eye-opening and enriching cultural discoveries. Whether browsing a typical fish market in Cairo or sharing lunch with a family in the Colombian fishing village of La Boquilla, you'll enjoy unforgettable firsthand encounters with locals when you join us on the road less traveled.

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8. Itineraries designed for personal connections

Along with revealing the major attractions you've yearned to see, we help you experience the sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations that define the cultures in their shadows. Through home-hosted events, demonstrations at local artisans' workshops, and more, you'll enjoy spending time—and forging friendships—with local people, and learning more about their daily lives, customs, and traditions.

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9. We give back to the world we travel

To OAT, the world truly is a classroom. We believe that the best travel discoveries happen through hands-on learning and personal exchange with the people who call a destination home. And we're committed to giving back to the communities we visit. Since 1992, Grand Circle Foundation has donated more than $50 million to over 100 schools and communities around the world. And through our World Classroom initiative, we focus specifically on supporting the education of young people—the next generation of citizens who will share their world with OAT travelers.

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10. The choice is yours

Choose from multiple pre- and post-trip extension options on many of our adventures and make the most of your already included airfare. Plus, we've lengthened many of our extensions so you'll enjoy even better pacing—at the same low per diems. Enjoy a host of included activities, or customize your adventure and expand your discoveries by choosing from among our optional tours.

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