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Why do 35% of our travelers go solo? Let them tell you themselves …

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“My 15th trip proved again that solo travel is rewarding. I say ‘solo’ because I leave home that way, but on most trips, I have shared rooms with fellow travelers who have become best friends. Toss in a portion of good luck, too. But I am still in touch with most of my travel companions, and several of us have taken multiple trips together after our first meeting.”

-Jane Lehr
15-time traveler
Shingle Springs, California

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OAT is committed to providing unprecedented value and life-changing discoveries to all of our travelers—especially those who travel with us solo. We’re proud that, when you compare our value to other travel companies, you’ll find that you’ll save $545-$3765 per person with us. In fact, we invite you to take our Solo Traveler Challenge: We guarantee that you cannot find a lower price for a solo traveler on any comparable international trip for Americans—if you do, we’ll not only match that price, but we’ll also deduct $500 from the cost of your adventure.

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Create a profile on our Travel Companions online community and meet new people who not only share your love for adventure, but who might also become your new friends as you journey together along the road less traveled.

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When you take advantage of our FREE Roommate Matching Service, we’ll help you find a same-gender roommate. If we’re unable to find you a match, we’ll give you a single room at no additional cost.

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Visit our Travel Forum and share your solo traveler experiences with your fellow travelers, describe your own experiences about specific destinations, or learn about your upcoming OAT adventures from travelers who have been there.

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