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Facebook is an online social platform that connects people all over the globe—and the largest social network in the world, with more than 500 million users. Our Facebook online community was created to help you stay in touch with OAT and fellow travelers who share your passion for travel.

By becoming a “fan” of our Facebook page, you will instantly be connected with passionate, like-minded travelers, and have the chance to ask questions, get answers and advice, further friendships, and find potential travel companions. You’ll also learn what’s going on at OAT, about new adventures, receive information about destinations that interest you, participate in trivia challenges, and more. And you’ll also be able to share your photos, videos, travel stories and life-changing experiences for past trips.


How do I become a “fan” of OAT’s Facebook community?

If you’d like to become a “fan” of our Facebook page, simply go to, and click the “Like” button.

If you’re not a current Facebook member:

  • Sign up for a free account »
  • Enter your information, including your birthday (You can decide later whether or not you want this information displayed), and click “Sign Up.”
  • You’ll then need to confirm your email address: Simply open your email account and click on the link provided by Facebook.
  • You can now visit our Facebook page, and click the “Like” button to become a “fan.” When you do so, you are allowing Facebook to post regular updates from our page on your news feed.
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